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David Brancaccio specializes in telling stories important to our democracy and our economy through the eyes of the real people who live in the cross-hairs of crucial issues. His accessible yet authoritative approach to investigative reporting and in-depth interviewing earned his work the highest honors in broadcast journalism, including the Peabody, the Columbia-duPont, the Emmy, and the Walter Cronkite awards. As host and senior editor of public television's NOW on PBS broadcast, David brought his engaging, probing style to beats that included business and finance, the environment, national security, and human rights, and much more. Read More


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NOW on PBS is public television's award-winning weekly broadcast of investigative reporting and in-depth interviews. According to the Philadelphia Weekly, NOW has "such an exciting Edward R. Murrow vibe that you half expect Brancaccio to turn to the camera and bid the audience adieu with an earnest 'good night, and good luck.'" It is a program that gets a lot of email and snail mail and, I have to say, not all of it is adoring. But a good piece of the mail can be summed up in a note I received from a viewer in Connecticut. She wrote, "Keep up the righteous passion. The people who have no voice rely on those of who do to raise a ruckus."

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There is a West African proverb I have often shared. It reads "One must come out of one's house to begin learning." Those were the operative words of NOW on PBS in its eight-plus years on the air: get our cameras out of the studio and out into the world to learn from you about what''s broken and what is working. That journey has come to the end-the program broadcast its last episode as April came to a close. Here is a final look at just some of what we learned during our run. Read More


The GDP isn't called gross for nothing
- By David Brancaccio. April 21, 2010

GDP ImageSuppose you found a lantern, gave it a rub, and wished that everyone in the world would act ethically and lawfully, henceforth and in perpetuity. Imagine a world of law-abiding citizens. I would want to live in that world. Yet what a disaster that would be for the economy. If everyone did the right thing, the standard measure of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, would fizzle into the abyss. Read More



September 11, 2001

David anchoring the Marketplace evening program on the day of the attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The Wall Street Journal

Featuring David Johnson

An example of the Friday Wall Street Week in Review with David Brancaccio and Dallas stock broker David Johnson.

Feature Dreamworks

Originally broadcast in 1995

Excerpt from a Marketplace special report on the creation of the Dreamworks movie studio in Los Angeles.


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Fixing the Future discovers communities across America using innovative approaches to create jobs and build prosperity by joining local business alliances, time banks, worker coops and other sustainable practices. David Brancaccio hosts.